Announcing Moonland’s Anticipated NFT Airdrop: The Doggos

Moonland’s team has been on an exciting adventure to create a game that's really immersive, fun, and totally personalized just for you.

We're super excited to say that Moonland represents a brand-new era of gaming!

By using blockchain technology, web 3.0 principles, and the metaverse's economic model, Moonland is on a mission to bring together a global community of gaming enthusiasts.

We've just announced the much-awaited NFT airdrop for Moonland. You have the exclusive opportunity to sign up for the whitelist and be among the first to receive free NFTs.
These tokens will give you early access to the game and eligibility for a subsequent airdrop of 42 MTK (Moonland Tokens).

Mooncoin (MTK) is the native currency of Moonland and it's more than just a payment method,

It powers the game's economy.
With MTK, you can unlock exclusive features, acquire virtual assets, and shape your digital life in Moonland's Metaverse.

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