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  1. On one hand, a merchant can refuse to accept any kind of payment at any time, on another hand, if he, what the merchant would consider to be, steals the item, the only payment the court will require of him, is that of legal tender.

    So technically, just steal shit, and then you can pay for it in cash when you go to court XD

  2. In Denmark it is illegal to not accept legal tender when running a business. Very few exceptions from this law (late night 7-11 stores might be except for security reasons). Don’t know about UK

  3. This appears to be a video taken inside a new Aldi checkout-less store (there’s only one in the UK), similar to the Amazon Fresh stores that use cameras to track your purchases. The whole point is you pay with an app and there are no checkouts.

    It’s in central London so this bloke could have gone to dozens of other stores within a few minutes walk (there’s literally another supermarket next to this Aldi store) and paid with cash there if he wanted to.

    The video caption “Physical money is no longer accepted in Aldi UK” gives the impression cash isn’t being accepted in any UK Aldi stores when in fact it’s ONE of the chain’s nearly 1,000 UK locations.

  4. Are they rejecting him to buy at all or do they just reject physical money? Do they only accept card? Do they only accept bitcoin? What is happening?

  5. I don’t know about england law, but down here in brazil, any commerce HAS (by law) to accept legal tender, if you don’t then Celso Russomano (a very annoying politician/tv man) will come and make a show out of your store/you.

  6. Back when I worked at a smoothie shop that didn’t accept cash (USA) I would just let the customers pay me their cash and then I’d buy them the item at employee discount 🤣

  7. During the pandemic I went to a bar and they refused to take cash. Only credit or debit cards. I never went back and they just recently closed down.

  8. Physical money in the form of US dollars is valid for all debts personal and private. Did this change?

  9. He didnt steal them. Any store worker could have just pocketed the cash and paid for a box of strawberries off their own debit card, problem solved and no issue.

  10. This wouldn’t be legal in the US right? Arnt they forced to accept it?

  11. Personally, they would have to pay ME to just walk into aldis, gutter store. Like lidl.

  12. “I paid in legal tender at this dystopian place” – Man who bought strawberries.

  13. For the benefit of friends outside the UK who aren’t aware of the personality involved.

  14. It’s ironic he chose strawberries vis a vis “Solyent Green” dystopian undertones

  15. The gentleman is right, paying with cash should be possible. or an anonymous card of some kind

  16. What are you going to tell the police when you call? The customer didn’t pay for strawberries in the type of money we wanted?

  17. They put the price they accept in payment on labels next to the product,so I would imagine it would be difficult to prosecute him as he has paid the amount asked and taken the goods advertised at that price.
    A judge would laugh it out of court I would imagine.

  18. If this real lol? If the state is forcing us to use it’s fiat currency as legal tender then how can a business reject accepting it?

  19. I went into an Aldi once, never again. I didn’t have a quarter on me so I was not allowed to have a shopping cart.

  20. That’s not how legal tender works, lol. You’re only obligated to accept it for debts, not for payments like that.

  21. ‘Legal tender’ concept only applies to payment of debts, not purchases. So if you filled up car with petrol with expectation of paying, they would have to accept sack of pennies.

  22. I’m seeing a lot of both sides of the story, about taking physical, anonymous, currency vs cashless payments. There’s trade offs, both sides I agree.

    However no one has offered the idea of a middle ground. I can’t find the comment that mentioned it, credit to you for saying it before I spoke up with the similar idea. We have ATMs, why not reverse-ATMs? Stuff it with cash, it spits out a card, or updates a card you have, with no info specifying you, exception of the ID on the card being reused, that’s about all the tracking that could be done.

    I’m thinking more towards the homeless. I have no idea what percentage of homeless have no electronics on their person. Most likely don’t have working bank cards because their accounts were too low or empty for too long. Many would keep cash on them then relying on a card that could be easily stolen, not saying cash can’t, you can at least split it up and only a fraction is stolen vs everything on a card.

  23. Wait til the US gets a CBDC. That will be the only accepted payment. And the government will decide if you can buy the thing you are wanting to buy.

  24. I know that their no longer accepting cash is a way to push us into CBDC, but still I would like businesses to have the freedom to be able to accept or deny any form of payment they choose.

    I suppose the deciding factor is legal tender laws: if there is a law that says you cannot have a free market in money, i.e. must use the state’s coupons, then we should not allow business to reject cash, but if we did allow anyone to transact in anything they liked then this business would be within its rights to reject cash.

  25. I would rather cash , stuff it into my sons piggy bank and wouldn’t give a single fuck about strawberrys.

  26. This guy is a known arsehole, he walked passed several regular stores to makes a fuss in this one.

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