An Insight Into MantaNetwork.

Modular frameworks are gradually coming up in the crypto space, a number of projects seem to adopt it, it makes faster transactions and compressed storage.

Just today, I got wind of the Manta Network which is a Multi-modular ecosystem for zero knowledge applications. Through the instrument of this network, developers can deploy and build any solidity based DApps.

As pointed out earlier, building upon the Manta Network makes for high transaction throughput. Consequently, the network is heralded as having faster transaction speed than L1 and minimal gas costs, a little less than layer 2 networks.

It is noteworthy to state that $MANTA is the first Ethereum Virtual Machine equivalent Zero knowledge application that is highly scalable and secure through Celestia DA and polygon zkEVM.

With the above features highlighted, there is every reason to be bullish on $MANTA considering how the growth of its network will flow commensurately and trump up the native token’s value.

Currently, the native token is listed on Bitget with good price action thus far. Undoubtedly, the listing has lent it spotlight too.

Coingecko link: