An important message to this community: We can do better!

WE, this community among others, are a problem in this space. If you did any of the following this cycle you are contributing to the harm of others and I want you to SERIOUSLY consider changing your behavior.

1) Recommending people borrow to buy Bitcoin. Saylor is especially guilty of this among many other things.

2) Promoted TA or price evangelism. Every single person who was parroting plan B, willywoo, tone vays, or anyone else's nonsense and downvoting common sense caution is a part of the problem and harming their peers.

3) Enabled shitcoins or shitcoin exchanges. You are giving these bad actors money, you are enabling risk for yourself, and if you are recommending any of these exchanges or products to others you are causing harm. A shitcoin exchange is only as safe as their competency and their shittiest shitcoin will allow, and that makes NONE of these services safe.

4) Spreading technical misinformation. Andreas is especially guilty of this but I've seen it from wallet manufacturers, from every media personality, and even some devs who get lost in their passion. If you want to understand something in the bitcoin ecosystem, use and share primary sources! Social media is no place to learn.

With that said, lets make this community better in the future and collectively dissuade the behaviors I'm talking about, as well as the social media cults that lead to people committing these errors. I don't think moderators should be handling these specific problems, I think these are organic community problems well within the rules and we need to address them ourselves.

To those who have been all along through the bull market cautioning every new user about 80% dips and social media personalities while 99% of people laughed, THANK YOU. You are doing the work this community desperately needs. To everyone else, lets do better tomorrow!

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An important message to this community: We can do better!