AMA: Salty.IO – a Zero Fee Ethereum DEX Pioneering Automatic Arbitrage! Feb 18th 8-10pm (GMT+0)

Salty.IO is a decentralized exchange on Ethereum which has pioneered Automatic Atomic Arbitrage (AAA) to generate yield and provide Zero Fees on all swaps. The exchange is fully decentralized at launch, has been comprehensively audited and is scheduled for launch on April 1st.

Key Features and Innovations

  • Automatic Atomic Arbitrage (AAA): unique within DeFi, Salty automatically executes arbitrage within user swap transactions themselves – ensuring that arbitrage profits are captured by the protocol itself rather than external bots or miners. The generated profits take the place of swap fees and are distributed to liquidity providers and stakers, allowing for Zero Fees on all swaps. The execution is hyper-efficient and uses 95k gas (less gas than simple vanilla swaps on most other DEXs).
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): At deployment, Salty.IO is governed entirely by its DAO – with all contracts, parameters, regional exclusions, whitelisting, and functionality controlled by the DAO itself.
  • SALT Token Economics: The SALT token serves both as a utility and governance token, with a capped supply of 100 million tokens, limited emissions and deflationary mechanisms.
  • Fair Launch and Distribution Strategy: The project avoids pre-sales or VC funding, opting for a fair launch that includes airdrops and bootstrapping rewards to encourage early participation and liquidity provision.
  • Comprehensive Auditing: Salty.IO has been audited by Trail of Bits, ABDK, and Code4rena.

Upcoming AMA Details

  • u/danielcota, the founder of Salty.IO, dedicated the past year to meticulously designing and developing this project. He will be available in this thread on February 18th from 8-10pm (GMT+0) to answer questions. We encourage you to submit your queries in advance, and Daniel will address as many as possible during the AMA session.
  • Additionally, u/aramasc4 from Code4rena will join the discussion, focusing on the security and audit aspects of Salty.IO. They will delve into how the extensive Code4rena audit process has significantly bolstered Salty.IO's security framework.

Important Links

  • CryptoSlate Project Report
  • Airdrop Details
  • Whitepaper
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • GitHub

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  1. Salty.IO burned 15,000 moons to rent our banner and host this AMA.


  2. Hello!

    What will be the deflarionary mechanisms be for your token?

    Can you share a little about your background and previous work u/danielcota?

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