AMA: r/ConeHeads is back to talk more BitCone & our Roadmap!!

r/ConeHeads is back and we are here to share how we put the Cone in Conemunity Points & updates since our last AMA!

We want to share how we’ve independently developed our own community point token known as BitCone and how we are helping other communities do the same!!!

In honor of our Conesgiving tradition, we have decided to add our sister and partner projects within our conemunity point system known as BitCone Mining.

For a limited time, you can earn Moons and BitCone by making post on r/ConeHeads

Updated Project Roadmap

Ticker Symbol: CONE

Total Supply: 608 Billion

Distribution Method: No Pre Sale

Holders: 26,122

Market Cap: $2.85 Million (up 23% since last AMA)

Liquidity Pool: $295,000 on QuickSwap (up 50% since last AMA)

Network: Polygon (Same as Reddit Collectible Avatars)

Contract: 0xba777ae3a3c91fcd83ef85bfe65410592bdd0f7c

Token Audit provided by 0xMacro and funded by r/Coneheads

Stake Bitcone and earn rewards powered by QuickSwap x Merkl

Swap Bitcone on QuickSwap Exchange

Spend Bitcone on Reddit Collectible Avatars within FirstMate Market Place


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  • Bitcone Lore
  • CoinMarketCap
  • CoinGecko

TDLR; Make posts on r/Coneheads, earn upvotes, get Bitcone.

Ask us about our Cone. Apply for your own Conemunity Point System

Community Currency Partnerships to date:

  • r/polyGONE
  • r/Tekio
  • r/Bucketheads
  • r/the23
  • r/Poopheadavatars
  • r/PetPack
  • r/TacoPlanet
  • r/JeweledCones
  • r/PlungerPlanet

50 thoughts on “AMA: r/ConeHeads is back to talk more BitCone & our Roadmap!!”

  1. Not a question, more of a comment, but I’ve really had quite a bit of fun on coneheads in the last 6 months or so. Learned a lot of new tools, met some really cool people, and felt part of the community. It really is a positive place to hang out.

  2. I spent many years on r/cc and learned a ton of good things. The best thing I learned was $CONE. I have rarely been back to r/cc because why would you after being rugged by the devs and mods of this sub? Your token is broken. Invest in a community that actually gives back without a bunch of ridiculous limitations and it’s ok to post a fuckin meme.

  3. We have been gathering questions and will continue to do so. Answers mostly during tomorrow 🙂 I can try to shortly respond already now to a few.

  4. IDK what’s going on but I was sort of bummed that r/TacoPlanet wasn’t really about Tacos.

  5. Thanks for posting! I’ve already 2000x my money. Can’t wait to dump on the new buyers from this post! Good strategy. Keep it up!

  6. So proud of where we have come, I’ve never sold a single cone – because this is the most fun I’ve had in crypto

  7. Coneheads is one of the most magical and loving communities I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. It brings me such joy and happiness. I love you guys and gals so much.

  8. Very happy to have joined r/coneheads , I see it as a fun thing, and thing it has the room to continue to expand in it utilities.

  9. The issue I have with Cone is that at first it was all about the community and tipping, the price was not discussed.. Now most posts have already started just taking about the price and how to make it pump more..

    Major greed is powerful though, that is for sure and its already harming this quite small Cone community.

  10. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a community token for tipping that didn’t fluctuate in price? Seems like the only incentive is to make the price go up.

  11. It only is the community amazing at Coneheads it’s been a real pleasure watching this develop out of an avatar that was slow to take off. Thanks fellow coneheads for setting the example in web 3.

  12. I just hope Cone heads stay the way they are and use the cones to tip each other rather than going the way of every other coin and only discuss price points and valuation.

  13. Total Support for ConeHead, Very strong and supportive community that ever came across !!

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