AMA & Giveaway Alert! Join JayX on May 18th to Learn How to Own Your DEX and Win Big! 💰

Hey, r/Cryptocurrency fam!

Are you tired of centralized exchanges crashing and burning like the Hindenburg? Furious about being discriminated against because of your race, nationality, or beliefs?

So are we! 😠👊

That's why we created JayX, the next-gen asset management and settlement protocol designed for a truly open financial market. Think of us as the Avengers of the crypto world, here to save you from the FTX-level disasters of the past.

On May 18th from 21:00 to 00:00 EDT, we’re hosting an AMA and we want YOU to join! We'll spill the beans on our vision, our product, the upcoming trading contest, and the launch of our Genesis Phase. And because we love our community, we're giving away 1,000 USDT to the best 10 questions. Yup, you heard that right – ask a question, and you might get paid!

JayX Crew: u/JayX_Protocol, u/Wademoto9, u/sita_wong

Feel free to drop your questions in advance. We'll try to answer as many as we can!

Let’s make this AMA epic! We can’t wait to chat with you and share more about JayX.

See you there!

👉 About JayX

JayX Protocol revolutionizes asset management and settlement with unparalleled on-chain transparency and security. Our mission is to offer the seamless experience of a centralized exchange coupled with the robust security of a decentralized one, thanks to our innovative chain abstraction and MPC technology.

For traders, this means lightning-fast, smooth transactions with the peace of mind that only decentralized systems can provide. Enjoy the freedom to trade assets from any blockchain without sacrificing security.

For communities, we’ve got your back too! JayX simplifies backend development, enabling you to host your own exchanges in minutes, serving your unique needs. Trade on your terms, list your preferred tokens, and share liquidity with participants globally.

We’re putting our tech to the test with our very own JayX Exchange, a decentralized order-book exchange that showcases the groundbreaking capabilities of our protocol.

Ready to trade smarter, not harder? Let’s make some blockchain magic happen!

🚀 Upcoming Lords and Knights Trading Contest

  • Prize Pool: 10,000 USDT and 1,500,000 SEED
  • Contest Period: May 20, 2024, 10:00 UTC – June 20, 2024, 9:59 UTC
  • Unique Rewards: Not only will the top P&L% traders win, but those with the lowest P&L% will also be celebrated!
    • Participants achieving a trading volume of over 50,000 USDT will receive a SEED airdrop.
  • Exclusive Opportunity: The first 50 participants will receive a special invite code to the Genesis Phase!

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Trading Contest: (will launch on May 20th)



18 thoughts on “AMA & Giveaway Alert! Join JayX on May 18th to Learn How to Own Your DEX and Win Big! 💰”

  1. The guest JayX has burned 1,800 moons to host this AMA:

    And 4,320 moons to rent our banner:

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    1. How does JayX ensure seamless integration and interoperability of new and emerging blockchains through its chain abstraction and MPC technology? Can you provide specific examples of blockchains currently supported and those in the pipeline?
    2. What mechanisms or technologies does JayX employ to ensure that its decentralized order-book exchange maintains high throughput and low latency, especially under heavy trading volumes? How does it compare with centralized exchanges in terms of performance?
    3. Given the emphasis on security, what specific measures does JayX take to safeguard against common vulnerabilities such as 51% attacks, front-running, and smart contract exploits? Are there any third-party audits or formal verification processes in place?
  3. How does JayX plan to foster a strong and knowledgeable community around its platform? Are there educational initiatives or resources aimed at helping users understand and maximize the potential of the JayX ecosystem?

  4. The DAO part is interesting.

    Will $JAY token holders have the power to also vote on additional coin listings?

    Also, where can we see the $JAY token allocation. How much does the team hold, and how does the supply and minting work? I guess in this case, it has to do with how much $SEED can be converted to $JAY, if I understand this right?

  5. What does JayX protocol have that other alternatives don’t? I mean, why choose JayX and not another alternative?

    And thanks for the AMA and MOON burn!

  6. Hey, thanks for the AMA, being a backend engineer myself, I have two questions.

    1. Are you planning to keep the backend code Open Source? Also do you plan on frequent code audits? Since transparency and security will be the two most important aspects going forward.

    2. From a regulatory standpoint, do you feel it will be challenging to be a big player in many countries who are not as crypto friendly eg. China or India.

    Thank you!

  7. how does JayX team plan to address issues related to consistency, security, and user experience across different EVM-compatible chains?

  8. Can you provide insights into the future technological advancements JayX is working on? For instance, are there plans to implement advanced privacy features, layer-2 scaling solutions, or AI-driven analytics for trading?

  9. cool another AMA

    instead of commenting multiple generic AI-generated questions (like certain users…), I’ll be focusing on asking stuff based on your docs.

    From what I can see, JayX aims to provide basically everything an CEX would do (spot, margin, etc.) but whats the main distinguishing feature of this platform between DyDx, which also uses ZK-proofs and is multichain. Or GMX, which provides derivatives.

    firstly, your ecosystem has multiple tokens and NFTs which is all very confusing. And none of them are even launched yet.

    $SEED – the “utility” token, like a CEX’s token, has multiple use cases, can be converted into JAY

    $JAY – the “governance” token.

    EGG, BIRD, a Mockingjay, and Hammer NFTs, all for garnering more rewards.

    Whats the point of fracturing utility into different tokens and NFTs? Why not just consolidate everything into one main token and NFT to make it less confusing?

    now, for the actual platform itself…

    So far, JayX seems to only be a spot market in demo mode, so some of my observations may change but please bear with me.

    JayX really likes to show off the decentralized order book. Looking into it, the spread is horrific (1000 buck or 1.5% difference between bid and ask on BTC alone). For some reason, there are filled orders being shown that are filled at current price… somehow, despite none of these orders even appearing on the orderbook itself.

    If I place a limit order in the middle of the spread, it gets filled, but takes a while to do so. Even with the filled orders list showing prices lower than my limit buy and/or higher than my limit sell.

    If I place a market order, it takes only the orders from the orderbook, which also includes the horrible spread.

    On the topic of orders, placing orders seems hard and with 0 ways to edit it. No way to specify types of orders (GTC, FOK, and others), no way to set TP or SL, trailing stops, etc. Any plans to add advanced orders in the future?

    Why is the spread like this? Is it a liquidity issue or is this the intended way that orders work on the orderbook?

    How do you plan on attracting liquidity when the platform actually launches?

    And to top it all of, your docs state that there will be “voluntary” KYC and AML thru third-party verifiers. Whats the point of having it voluntary?

    So, the platform seems underdeveloped for something that quote: “challenges the foundations of traditional financial systems”. If you can deliver on these promises, then JayX can surely become one of the biggest decentralized trading platforms, but for now, it looks like just a primitive dYdX.

  10. Just a quick welcome to our sub, I shall be following the upcoming Q&A for sure as these platforms are quite interesting.

  11. What competitive advantage does JayX offer to its users compared with other CEXs and DEXs?

    What is your team vision for JeyX and what are you looking to accomplish in the future. What is your roadmap?

    Can you go in-depth on how JayX is able to offer a centralized exchange experience while being a decentralized platform?

  12. How are others discriminating based on race, nationally and/or beliefs and how are you different?

  13. interesting, you’re promising the best of both worlds, the user-friendliness of a centralized exchange with the security of a decentralized one. That’s a tall order! Can you share some real-world examples of how you’re achieving that balance? genuinely curious…

  14. I agree with the mindset of designing DEXs to feel more like CEXs because it is often times the case that CEXs have better UX.

    With that said, I’m curious as to how the JayX Account + Vault works.

    I’m familiar with certain DEXs that have additional functionality where they automate multiple transactions for the users, including automating limit orders and stop/loss, where an “account” is given permission by your wallet to trade when prices of an asset hit certain numbers. Is that what the JayX Account is?

    The Vault though, I did not quite understand. The Vault in Coinbase is a way to safeguard assets by adding a time gap where all actions occur 24 to 48 hours after you do it, giving you time to cancel it if it was done by someone else. JayX’s vault seems to be related to high frequency trading. How does the Vault work here?

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