Altcoins making new lows – time to buy more?

If you look at BNB, DOT and other coins they are now making new lows since pre-2021!

I think the simple answer is to look to the long-term and if you have cash available invest a part into cryptos you believe in but also stay diversified and expect that BTC could likely outperform the alt market for a while. If you look at the dominance it's possible for BTC to continue outperforming the majority of alts based on historical trends. As you see BTC held around 65% dominance until the previous bull market.

BTC market dominance

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4 thoughts on “Altcoins making new lows – time to buy more?”

  1. The way i look at the price is via the “hybrid system”. Traders reality youtube channel. Sounds stupid believing a youtuber and believe me, their all hype clowns that just use silly indicators and pretend to be experts…but… hybrid makes total sense and i trust it. If something has been heavily sold then its obvious the exchanges HAVE to buy it. On that principle alone, someone (an exchange and thus a market maker) is now deeply underwater from all the selling thst happened. Market makers dont lose. Like a casino. They will always make heir money back. Th difference between them and us… they have the liquidity and they have time on their side to ride out the pain. So yes… I’m buying alts that are 90%+ down from ATH and waiting it out on cold storage. Time will tell though. The only gamble is if the particular projects just evaporate and im left with pointless tokens. My guess…50% just might…but the other 50% will more than compensate for those losses. My logic laid bare.

  2. LOL BNB got caught doing a bunch of shady shit and ya’ll STILL buying that coin?

    Read the news much?

    I’m surprised all of r/WallStreetBetsCrypto isn’t shorting this crap

    How can ppl in general be this stupid?

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