All Bitcoin Investors Should Look at This…


All Bitcoin Investors Should Look at This…

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10 thoughts on “All Bitcoin Investors Should Look at This…”

  1. We are not hopeful. Wtf man. Nothing bullish here. Stop this hopium. You are leading your viewers in the wrong direction.

  2. That trend line is bull shit, starts 2017 hit it once 18/19 and then absolutely smashed through it 2020 just coz it’s on a time frame where candles didn’t close don’t mean shit, and now 2023 were touching it and guaranteed we go below it. Just a worthless line of hopium

  3. Elon does not regret buying twitter. The corruption he is uncovering and reporting is way more important than electric cars. Alll you lot care about is your tesla shares, etc and completely ignore the war that is going on for your rights and freedoms.
    I'm assuming those who are mad at Elon are elitist supporters and enjoy living under the thumb of the government, as long as their shares are doing well.
    Go have another booster and wait for the Fauci files to be released!

  4. Your channel has really changed my life. I've been studying and researching crypto for a while and eventually got stuck on the learning curve. Now I can say I'm really improving my understanding of this whole new world and making big wins every week, all thanks to you Ms. Kraken Ella ❣❣❣

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