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ALGORAND REALLY SUCKS! LINK TO PATRON! w LINK TO MY TRADITIONAL FINANCE: 8 LINK TO KUCOIN: F LINK TO COINBASE: F FREE 1-800ACCOUNTANT CONSULTATION! : T Join this channel to get access to perks: n #algorand #algocoin #algorandcrypto I am not a PROFESSIONAL nothing I say is advice. I am just an entertainer and education myself. Im learning and am in no way teaching or advising. SEEK professional help if you want advice as this is just for entertainment purposes. algorand fifa partnership

12 thoughts on “ALGORAND REALLY SUCKS!”

  1. Just got this from Folks Finance – "Early Claim is now live for Governance #4 rewards!" Next video idea?

  2. Finality and blocktime are different. Algorand has immediate transaction finality, meaning as soon as a transaction is submitted its immutable/final. Can't fail, can't be changed.

    Blocktime is the amount of time it takes to produce a block. This currently stands at 4.5 seconds per block.

  3. Love me some Alpo dogsh!t. I love everything algoheads claim and it sounds great but where the fuck is the follow through? THIS Should BE SELLING ITSELF SO SOMETHING IS WRONG. .

  4. Algorand is the best. Idk how people can't know that. I also don't understand why people think it's boring. Maybe I'm a nerd lol

  5. This dude is a shill fanboy. He is emotionally attached to this crypto project. Not good.

  6. I like your energy, Adam. Thank you for transferring that energy to us. I’m getting another 100 Algo’s now. 😉

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