Airport Signage

Laughs in steel-stamped seed phrase literally in my bag (not my real one – an M of N shamir shard to a key from a M of N multisig wallet).

I recall these are common in airports. But it was my first time seeing it after buying bitcoin and subsequently losing it in a fatal boating collision.

28 thoughts on “Airport Signage”

  1. Hello. We are going to steal your money. Have a nice day!

    They will do this at an ordinary traffic stop in the U.S. too, but you get no nice warning.

  2. >Mr. Traveler, avoid losing your money!

    “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.”

  3. Bitcoin is the currency of freedom, sovereignty, and self determination

  4. Even if you declare it, they’ll do their best to retain it and will question you about your own money.

    Seems like airport staff are just a bunch of thieves around the world.

    Imagine carrying $9,999 and three quarter coins just to frustrate them!

    Oops, spent my other quarter at the candy machine.

  5. And don’t forget the time TSA “found bitcoins” in someone’s luggage 😂

  6. Common? It’s literally in almost every country.

    And you are not limited for 10k that jaut the amount you can bring undeclared. You can bring in millions in cash. You just have to declare it.

    Which will also be the case if you ever want to convert the btc back to fiat.

  7. The funny thing is that the 10.000 top was there 30 years ago. Today’s purchasing power is less than half as then.

    When the hell are they going to update it?

  8. The sad thing is, knowing Latin American countries, the translation of that from the original Spanish went through 3 years and 17 committees before being approved by whatever Comission of Official English Signage of Government Notices, and this is what they ended up with.

  9. Surely since Bitcoin has been determined to be a commodity it isn’t covered – at least in the US. Also, you aren’t traveling with it just because you have the keys, no more than you are with the password to your brokerage account.

  10. Everything you own can be taken away by the government any time they want. Except bitcoin.

  11. Can’t wait for the day we go full digital money; no more cocaine covered, stripper ass, blood stained, written on, counterfeit bills

  12. If you have money you must be a bad person so we will take it from you. Have a nice day.

    This completely arbitrary 10k limit was introduced decades ago. Back then 10k was more like 30k of purchasing power, and in a couple of decacdes from now that same 10k will be 3k worth of purchasing power.

    The 10k number never changes so over time that 10k will be so insignificant that you essentially wont be able to travel with any value at all unless you fill out forms and inform your government overlords that you want to travel with money.

    On the other hand this rule cannot apply to bitcoin because when you travel with bitcoin all you are travelling with is your “password” (seed phrase) that can accesss your funds the same as travelling with a banking password that can access your funds.

    The fact bitcoin exists on the internet wide blockchain instead of on a centralised server in one jurisdiction means it is everywhere at the same time and this rule cannot legally be enforced with bitcoin.

    This warning is the best advertisment in the world for bitcoin.

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