Aika Collectible

E-currency exchange

This project is going for something completely different, they want to create the worlds first Web3 Social Media Platform!

Think Instagram meets OpenSea, instead of competing with existing marketplaces that trade in “things” we want to allow users to trade in “history of the making” of said things. First ever iPhone is probably going to have outstanding value as a collectible item, but as a product – will inevitably perish, as well as hundreds of millions of other iPhones, whereas the day, when Steve Jobs announced it from the stage will forever be embedded in the history. Imagine if you could own that “day”, created by Steve himself and existing only as one?

How would that hold value for you?

To allow you to enter a true, P2P economy where your content, your precious memories, your achievements and your history can have direct value to your followers, sponsors, fans and contributors. We are used to generating tons of content daily, but most of it has no value. With Aika every single user generates only 1 NFT per day, and it’s up to you to decide what kind of content your NFT will include since your followers will decide how much it is worth for them.

Be a timekeeper, save your moments.

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Aika Collectible