Advantages of PancakeSwap Partnership with Celer Network to Bridge ARB Token for Zero Slippage Trades on BNB Chain

PancakeSwap has introduced a new approach to trading non-BNB Chain native tokens, like ARB, with zero slippage trades. Through our Market Maker (MM) integration, we have partnered with Market Makers to provide liquidity for ARB (BEP 20) on the BNB Chain. Additionally, we have utilized Celer Network's bridge functionality to integrate the ARB token from Arbitrum to BNB Chain, enabling users to participate in an all-BNB Chain trading experience with zero slippage. This partnership further enhances the accessibility and versatility of PancakeSwap, empowering users to trade ARB (BEP 20) effortlessly.

How does Market Maker integration Work?

~tldr: select the tokens you want as you would in a regular trade

– Select the tokens you wish to trade on our BNB Chain PancakeSwap Swap page, just as you would in a regular trade.
– PancakeSwap will send requests to the Market Maker(s) (MM) for the latest quotes in addition to the Automated Market Maker (AMM).
-The integration automatically compares the prices quoted by the Market Maker(s) and the AMM. It then determines the route with the better price and presents it to you.
-You will be prompted to confirm the trade, with quotes refreshed every 5 seconds to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.
-Once you confirm the final quote, the transaction is sent to the smart contract for execution. The smart contract facilitates the token swap between you and the Market Maker or the AMM pool, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

With this new model PancakeSwap takes significant step forward in decentralized trading and our commitment to innovative solutions.
We’re always striving to make the experience better for you!

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