About three years ago from now the last Bitcoin bull market started and now we can see how many may actually have HODLed through those 3 years. The real diamond hands.

If we turn the clock back about exactly three years ago from now one, we would be in the fall of 2020, the year where we saw a historic crash of BTC to $3k due to the Covid black swan, but also in the same same year we had the Bitcoin Halving which has typically been a good build-up for a pending bull market and that is exactly what happened.

We had the biggest bull market in Crypto history if we talk about pure money inflow, many institutions and whole countries were entering Crypto and we had a market cap of over $3T at our peak with BTC alone at $1T. 

But it is even more important to look at who could capitalize on the this bull market, some actually sold and others, like many of us, just made the early mistake to not take profits, but will now hopefully not make the mistake of selling in a bear market too: 

Bitcoin Supply Last Active 3 years ago, which is the coinciding with the previous bull run right now, chart by James V. Straten

This chart shows the Bitcoin Supply that was inactive for at least three years, meaning it has not been moved at all. This usually shows the ultimate holders/diamond hands that can hold through a whole Bitcoin cycle without selling as those truly have a long-term vision of the market and not just some short profits.

With a further increase in the Supply Inactive for 3 years we will now be able to see how many of us were able to hold through the whole bull market up to $69k and all the way down to $15k in this bear market with a lot more volatility in between, those will undoubtedly called the real diamond hands.

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50 thoughts on “About three years ago from now the last Bitcoin bull market started and now we can see how many may actually have HODLed through those 3 years. The real diamond hands.”

  1. >have HODLed through those 3 years. The real diamond hands.

    Like I got any other option, bro I’m down 60%

  2. Great to see the stats on a graph! Makes sense really, the winter has been so punishing and this crabbing has gone on for so long. Theres really been no reason for anyone to sell.

  3. Only Btc and Eth presently are able to be held like this, doing it with alts is another level or risk. But even for Btc, anyone that can hold at 69k and also not sell at 15k has earned their title diamond hands.

  4. Never understood people selling at a loss , just a look at any BTC chart shows what to expect.

  5. You don’t need diamond hands to hold BTC, just forget about it and revisit in 10yrs

  6. I refuse to realize losses, I’d rather be patient and wait and realize gains, next bull run will be amazing and I will take full advantage of it

  7. I cannot wait for those new retail investors flooding this subreddit once the bull run starts again

  8. The real diamond hands are the people who lost their Bitcoin seed phrases and now have no way to dump them on the market anymore lol

  9. Summer-Fall 2020 were times of revival. In my country covid measures were partly lifted, people started getting together again and crypto started pumping. The good old days

  10. Since the percent of supply includes the btc that was lost forever, the actual amount of diamond hands is even lower than it seems. Diamond hands are truly a rare breed.

  11. Let’s not diamond hand this time. Better to be paper hand who sells at 10% profit than a diamond hand who is 70% in losses.

  12. I don’t hold BTC, but my hands for ETH are made of so much diamond that the white man is trying to cut them off

  13. Looking back at the bigger picture and the yearly charts often gives me a very pleasant feeling.

  14. I resent Diamond hands as a term because that would make it seem like what I’m holding for this long is valuable when in fact my stack be looking might low in fiat terms 😭

  15. Diamond hand bullshit again. Let’s be real, you guys just got no choice but to hold.

  16. Those that held through the Bull and then the bears are the ones that should be used to teach Bitcoin history in future as those that made ultimate sacrifices for Bitcoin

  17. I’m still here boys. Lost money in Wonderland, Celcius, and FTX. I’ve got two black eyes and a ruptured spleen, but I’ve reaccumulated and I’m ready for the next run. Gonna do things a lot smarter this time.

  18. I just wanna say, the concept of paper hands vs diamond hands is bullshit. If I’m a billionaire, I can easily afford to hold my BTC thru a bear. If I’m practically starving and being evicted, it’s much harder to hold in a bear if that money puts food on the table.

    It’s just an awful concept that takes away important nuances of an individual’s situation.

  19. Mine maybe moved from ledger to trezor 😜but it’s been just sitting thru it all…!!

  20. The beginning of the bull will start in fall 2024 if we think history will repeat, so start stacking!

  21. If only I could sell these diamonds my hands are made of to make up for the value I’ve lost…

  22. Well I bought at ATH. I had no other option than hold and buy more to lower my average.

  23. i held 10% of my max amount of btc/eth. i sold often after 50k all the way to 30. i have been buying back but dont expect to hold any on the way down this time, if indeed we have another parabolic move.

  24. i lost the key to the safe where i put my bitcoin in so that made it easy.

    Still need to find a good safecracker…

  25. 🤚 This guy right here. Holding since 2015. Sold my btc but still have some 2015 eth laying around.

  26. I only invested 400 to check and when it started dropping I just forgot about it for 3 years. Was 60 last month. Not sure if that classifies me as “diamond handed”. 😂

  27. I fall for it every time, it gets to around this time and I start to worry there won’t be another bull run…

  28. This cycle will create the next generation of diamond hands. Recent data about BTC confirmed that the vast majority of it is in the hands of long term hodlers. If you have made to here, congratulations! Just a little (or a lot) more patience and your efforts will be rewarded.

  29. I wonder where the guy That called me a paper handed bitch Is today… how’s your -99% going?

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