AAVE Test Net Airdrop – Literally Free Money πŸ€‘

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AAVE Test Net Airdrop – Literally Free Money 🤑

📌 Crypto Airdrops – s 📌 Patreon Airdrops – s 📌 250k Business Credit No SSN – /> 📌 Add Kovan – / 📌 ETH Faucet – n 📌 AAVE Faucet – s 📌 Guide – d 📌 Website – / 📌 Airdrop Excel – /> I’m going over AAVE coin and we are doing test net airdrop for AAVE on the Ethereum kovan test net and once we do all the steps we are eligible for future airdrop. All you have to do is follow the steps as it doesn’t cost you any Ethereum gas gees. You click on a few buttons, you use the faucet to get Ethereum test net as well as DAI stable coin test net coins to do all the steps in the guide. 🤑 More Good Stuff 🤑 📌 Crypto Airdrops – s 📌Patreon Airdrops – s 📌Crypto Software I trust – /> 📌Options Software I trust – /> 📌250k Business Credit No SSN – /> *Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advise. Views expressed in this video are merely my own opinions. Do your own research. Also, some of my links are affiliate links and I get paid if you make a purchase.

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  1. couldnt borrow ETH as it asked me to deposit – hence i ended up in depositing all ETH – am i on the right track?

  2. Ziv, I remember last spring I'd be like 1 of 10 comments on a video, now there's almost 100 a video, your a low cap gem my friend headed to the moon. Keep the quality content coming and you won't even be able to read all the comments. Congratulations on the growth!

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