A solana dog shitcoin called “BONK” is up 900% the past week. Do not FOMO guys. The top 20 holders own 50% of the supply. A dump is inevitable.

If you missed it and are currently feeling fomo, I would advise you to not buy this shitcoin as the top 20 holders own 50% of the supply. That is insane. A dump will occur at any point and retail will be left holding the bag AGAIN. Not long ago Vitalik said that the grifters and scammers have left the SOL ecosystem, well I guess not.

For those who would like to check for themselves: https://solscan.io/token/DezXAZ8z7PnrnRJjz3wXBoRgixCa6xjnB7YaB1pPB263#holders

They claim this on their website

Bonk is the first Solana dog coin for the people, by the people with 50% of the total supply airdropped to the Solana community. The Bonk contributors were tired of toxic “Alameda” tokenomics and wanted to make a fun memecoin where everyone gets a fair shot. 

LOL. 20 holders own 50% of the supply and they are talking about everyone getting a fair shot. yeah right.