A Complimentary Cryptocurrency Tool for My Fellow Reddit Enthusiasts


I created a web application in my spare time as a way to contribute to the community that I'm passionate about. My fascination with cryptocurrency and data drove me to develop a user-friendly dashboard with no barriers to entry – it's free and requires no registration.

While I'm not selling anything, I'd like to share my work in case it proves helpful to someone else. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, so feel free to share your thoughts.

The site provides various features, including:

  • Live trading price feed from popular exchanges
  • Real-time notifications of liquidations from most exchanges
  • Aggregated news from various sources
  • Live tracking of whale movements between exchanges and wallets
  • Metrics such as historical fear/greed, open interest, and company holdings
  • A paper-trading simulator to practice trading skills
  • A chat feature (dubbed the “Therapy Room”) to socialize with other users

The website can be accessed at https://coindashy.com

For added security, you can check this Google report to ensure the site is safe: https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search?url=coindashy.com&hl=en

I hope you find the website useful and enjoyable!

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1 thought on “A Complimentary Cryptocurrency Tool for My Fellow Reddit Enthusiasts”

  1. Thank you, the paper trading simulator is especially useful for gamblers like me.

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