6 Steps To Retire As A CRO Millionaire

Aaron Bennett

6 Steps To Retire As A CRO Millionaire

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8 thoughts on “6 Steps To Retire As A CRO Millionaire”

  1. Any future CRO millionaires in here?
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  2. gonna stay with the ruby card i don't need the indigo card just now i dont want to lock my tokens up just yet i will wait for 10$ CRO before i upgrade

  3. Regarding the staking in the Defi Wallet: Risks? I understand about the 28 day lock period and potential price fluctuations…. but could the delegator you pick steal your CRO that you handled over to them for the pool? What's that risk?

  4. Hi. When they will send me the indigo card in the mail ?? I locked 8500 cro 4 weeks ago

  5. I've learned to use the Rose Gold for every possible service. I pay Verizon, Xfinity, Uhaul, and even my HOA dues with the Rose Gold. The HOA charges a 2% convenience fee, then I get a 5% reward on the total !!!. My house dues are less than paying via checking account.

  6. tried to post a question about the IRA, but YT deleted it because I said the name. Can you explain how to draw crypto out of the IRA and how the IRA can be used in the "end game" benefits?

  7. Now combine this video with the next video to realize the CRO yield farming system to lever our way into the higher tier cards and crypto millionaire status

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