31 August 23, Project $txa new hybrid dex

Sick of the limitations of current crypto exchanges? Constricted by high fees or stymied by poor functionality? Well, crypto enjoyers, let's break those chains! ⛓️

Bringing together the robust security of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and the user-friendly accessibility of a Centralized Exchange (CEX), @Project_TXA and Tacen have teamed up to launch TacenSwap. A hub where swift cross-chain transactions, low fees, and true self-custody all exist on one platform.

And it doesn't stop there. The team at @Project_TXA has concocted a recipe for passive income, too. Stake $TXA tokens and reap benefits directly from the swap fees generated by everyone’s trades. It's an ingenious approach to growing your digital wealth passively.

As the excitement builds towards their August 31st launch, prepare to be blown away. Join TXA as they launch into a new era of crypto trading. You won't want to be left behind on this journey! 🚀