3 Arrows Capital is Now Taking Down DeFi Protocols Too??!?

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3 Arrows Capital is Now Taking Down DeFi Protocols Too??!?

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9 thoughts on “3 Arrows Capital is Now Taking Down DeFi Protocols Too??!?”

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  2. Cash is King 👑 Swiss Francs 🇨🇭 in my opinion and buy extra necessities, crypto started out well but not by the right people etc, year after year you could see it was nothing more than a dynamic Ponzi, the white papers, the code written, how it was actually backed etc etc should have been the first indicator to everyone. Hence, a depression is coming NOT a recession and everything will crash accordingly and crypto will follow with a greater collapse of the stk mkt, housing mkt and declining global economic conditions as well. They say recession to keep the masses under control for what is come. I studied this concept and if you understand the concept of the "need to know" as in intelligence you'll see the markers and indicators everywhere. Cheers and stay safe everyone

  3. I took most of my bitcoin out and put it in Cardano. 75% Cardano , 25% Bitcoin… I just see how Cardanos volatility is minimal. Compared to others.

  4. A quick theory regarding leaving crypto on major exchanges and lending platforms: If we ever get to a position where BlockFi, Nexo, Coinbase, Binance end up like Celcius, then the coins you lose will be so near worthless at that point, you could then buy the amount (in crypto) you lost again for a pittance and put that in/on a privately held wallet. In fact, I wonder if everyone taking coins off exchanges will actually be healthy for the market and thus for those who do hold their keys, as it'll fall along with these platforms.

  5. You bet – this is just the beginning of the huge crypto fall to come – down to 0 – very rapidly.

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