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Shiba Inu lead Dev Shytoshi Kusama, considered among the top 50 most influential people in the whole crypto space, is confirmed to be following Kendu Inu and holding a bag since at least $1M market cap.

Kendu Miazaki, Kendu Inu Dev, is one of his friends, and he made sure to bring Shy in at the right time.




Wallets with 10+ million dollars' worth of ETH that had been inactive since the last cycle got back to life only to buy Kendu Inu.

It has even been confirmed that a Middle Eastern Prince holds a bag.

Other millionaires (and multimillionaires) are confirmed holders and part of the ecosystem as well.




Kendu Inu Dev “Miazaki” is an unhinged individual always ready to rock & roll.

He is a SHIB multimillionaire (his bag was worth 50+ million dollars at ATH IIRC), and that explains the close connection with Shytoshi and other SHIB Ogs that are now part of Kendu.

Apart from his incredible work ethic and crazy personality, him being a loaded individual makes the project much easier to trust because one of the most common reasons for projects to fail is broke millionaire-wannabe devs who can't resist the urge of dumping on everybody to make a quick buck.

He recently admitted on a X Spaces that he doesn't even have that big of a bag. He said “I’m maybe top 20, if even that”.

He always says he does not do this for money because he already has money. He does this because he likes to “build”  and to allow other common people to become “stupid rich”.




What can I even say about the Kendu Army? Everybody knows about it.

With unmatched work ethic and always ready to spread the word, the Kendu Army is what makes Kendu…KENDU!

People who join Kendu go from being dirty, tiny-handed jeets to 7.6ft tall, muscular chads with strong and big hands.

You’re soon taught that success depends on you and to ask yourself, “What can I do for $KENDU?” instead of waiting for the team to release the “next big thing” and hoping for a pump while doing absolutely nothing to help.

We’ve got relentless shillers on any social media known to humanity, people making Kendu energy drinks, people managing a Kendu merch store, people with Kendu tattoos, people smashing plates on their heads in the name of Kendu, and much more.





Kendu Inu fully believes in organic growth.

Apart from financing for the first CEX listing, so that “normies” were able to join the project without having to go through DeFi if not tech-savvy enough to avoid being scammed, Kendu Inu does not pay for any listing, call on Tg, post on X, video on YT or any other thing you can think of.

All the influencers that talk about Kendu or CEXs that listed us have had to buy supply from the liquidity pool like any other person.

Kendu Miazaki explained this from the very beginning.

It might be slower, but it works.” is what he used to say.

Organic growth allows you to build a strong floor of diamond-handed holders who fully believe in the project and do not believe in random FUD.

On the other hand, if you build your floor with people sent by influencers, everybody is ready to jeet at the first chance because they’re just there for a quick buck and do not see the bigger picture.




Even though all details have yet to be revealed, it is known that $KENDU will play a role in the Shib ecosystem, which might explain Shytoshi’s involvement in Kendu Inu.

Make no mistake, though, Miazaki has always said that Kendu has its own identity and will not just be one of the small dogs existing under the SHIB umbrella.

One of the first Kendu utilities, named Kendu Chads, will be released in the following weeks after being thoroughly tested for months by Miazaki’s team of developers.




“Never two without three”.

People love dogs and always will. DOGE and SHIB were the first two dogs to reach $10b+ market cap.

$KENDU has everything it needs to be the third this coming bull run.




Kendu Inu reached an ATH of over $275M market cap when the whole crypto market, from BTC to all the shitcoins, was bleeding badly.

Kendu is your hedge against the market and will not wait for BTC to reach new ATHs before jumping to $1b market cap and beyond.

With that being said, when the actual bull run starts and all the random shitcoins are in green, what do you think will happen to a strong project like Kendu?

Multi billions are programmed.



Kendu Inu is only on ETH. Love it or hate it, Ethereum is the king of all chains and sees fewer scams than all the other jeet chains such as SOL and BASE.

Since Kendu Inu is on ETH, and the liquidity pool is paired with ETH (KENDU:ETH), when ETH goes up in value, so does KENDU. As simple as that.

The news of the coming ETH ETF is super bullish news for all KENDU holders, both short-term and long-term investors.



Even CMC, in their recent article, admitted that $KENDU chart looks very good and on the verge of a breakout from a pure TA standpoint, and they’re not aware of all the alphas behind the projects and all the future implementations that are going to be unveiled.

So, if you like technical analysis, you will like Kendu Inu chart.





While every other project in the meme sphere tries hard to reach $1b market cap, at Kendu inu, we think that to be an embarrassing goal.

While Miazaki says that “$10b is programmed”, meaning it is inevitable, the real goal that excites our community is to be the first meme coin ever to cross $100b market cap.

Miazaki’s bio on Telegram says: “Taking $KENDU to $100 BILLION and beyond!

Many experts expect this to be a “super cycle” and even more a “meme super cycle”, meaning we expect not only more liquidity to be deployed in the whole crypto space compared to 2021, but also that meme coins will grab a much bigger % of that liquidity flowing around compared to last cycle.

We can then expect new ATHs for well-established projects such as DOGE and SHIB, and that’s why, at KENDU, we’re working towards that $100b MC goal, which will not look as unrealistic at the peak of the bull run as it may does right now.



Many people have been led to believe that the lower the market cap of a certain token, the better chance of making a 100x or 1000x. That is SO wrong and misleading.

90% or more of the “projects”, especially when launched on Solana or Base, are complete scams. Period.

The other 0.99% are projects created with the best intentions, but that, unfortunately, are going absolutely nowhere.

Kendu Inu, at this stage, is bulletproof. It has proved its value to everybody. “We’re too big to fail” is what Miazaki always says.

Kendu is going nowhere but up.

With such ambitious goals, a 100x means reaching about $15b market cap (at the time of this writing), which is far from being out of reach for Kendu, especially considering we are about to enter what it’s supposed to be the biggest cycle ever (especially for meme coins).

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you invest in super-low MC projects, liquidity is so thin that any whale exiting their position leads to a cascade of sales caused by fear, especially since it’s not uncommon for investors of small projects to hold 5-10% of the total supply.

On bigger projects, instead, since liquidity is way thicker, you can enter and exit your positions more accurately without having nightmares about being rugged while asleep.




At Kendu Inu, redistribution is ongoing 24/7. When the market cap goes up, the number of holders goes up. When the market cap goes down, even significantly, the number of holders still goes up!

And that’s counting on-chain holders only! With millions of $ of daily volume on CEXs, God knows how many holders we actually have.

To make money with altcoins, especially memes, you need to understand two things:

  1. What a good project is
  2. Buy when everybody else is afraid to do it.

Kendu IS a good project.

Now, you have the opportunity to buy or top up your bags at 40% of the ATH.

If you like Kendu, this is the best time to become part of the army. See you on the other side!

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kendu-inu/

CG: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/kendu-inu

17 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why You Should Hold a Fat Bag of $KENDU (Or Get One ASAP) – NFA”

  1. It’ll only be a matter of time before we surge again. The fundamentals have only gotten better whilst we were trending down. Early buyers have taken profit and new buyers have stepped in. The thing with bottoms is that you usually don’t recognise them before they’ve actually been formed. For that reason I’ll keep buying just like I have been during last consolidation phase.

    I don’t know when we’ll be trading at 1B+ mcap, I just think that we’ll get there eventually. I’ll make the best use of my time in the market right now and accumulate as much as I can. Whatever happens between now and 1B is all distraction combined with opportunities.

    Been buying since 5M, 50M, 150M and will continue to do so without selling a penny until we get to 1B. Conviction is key, don’t throw away financial freedom because you’re scared of a few red candles.

  2. Thank you for this thorough write up, Chad. It’s almost hard to believe someone could read this and hate or fade on KENDU.

    Oh well, more KENDU for you and me then, I will take it!!!!

  3. Holy shit! One of the best write ups I have ever seen! I have never seen or heard a Dev actually talk and claim to aim for a $100B MC.

    Everything Miazaki has said has come true! It is unreal what happens at Kendu and it has only been a little over 4 Months!

    Kendu is up 36,666X, and we are still running!

  4. thank you for the write up, I genuinely hope people give Kendu a chance to help them. This movement has done more than just provide monetary gain for me. It has allowed me to work for myself and others like me, not for some major corporation thats exploiting me.

  5. their’s real evidence that it works too, kendu is the top performer on june


  6. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing some of the reasons we’re so bullish on $Kendu. I’ve been buying basically every other day since May 3rd. Lookin forward to the next leg up! 🪖🍸🚀

  7. Even on a shitty day like today, the holder chart is bullish. Every ounce of data is suggesting a healthy redistribution. If you don’t trust data, then nothing can save you.

  8. SHIB made history by reaching 40B MC as a meme without any utilities and still remains at 10B, it has only added L2 into its ecosystem last year.

    SHIB dev is a friend of KENDU dev and is following KENDU since ~1M MC.

    KENDU dev is building utilities from day one, he has mentioned again and again about creating and maintain value for KENDU.

    All the signs are there.

  9. You said it all my friend. Let’s see if people listen. I’m ready to run this thing up to 50B and beyond 🪖🚀🍸

  10. Oh, I’m gonna fuck with ya. So not “unfuckwithable” which is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life.

  11. Great write up mate!
    I am in the for the long term as well. You can’t get rich in a month or so. You need to see the bigger picture, which is looking great IMO.
    I am excited of what’s ahead and not scared about the recent dips, as the whole market is in deep deep red!
    $KENDU Power 💪🏾🚀

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