1000Blocks Space|First community powered NFT-creation platform|Crypto GEM|EZ X1000|

1000Blocks dot Space is a community-powered NFT creation platform. On 1000Blocks, users create NFTs that yield returns in the process. Their goal is to make digital asset creation fun and rewarding.

The 1000Blocks Space platform is based on the BlockChain technology. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and uses BNB as the primary currency.

On a high level the 1000Blocks platform knows six entities:

The App

The User

The Block Space

The Rewards Pool

The Vault

The BLS Token

The User is able to use the App to:

Participate in the co-creation of an NFT

Stake $BLS tokens

Yield rewards from Rewards Pool

You can find this and much more on 1000Blocks dot Space

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