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06/16/22 [Join FlareXRP Discord] - discord.com/invite/FlareXRP

2 thoughts on “06/16/22 [Join FlareXRP Discord] – discord.com/invite/FlareXRP”

  1. Not sure if I am being bias in my opinion, (been a holder for around 5 years), but everything seems to be aligning for XRP.

    It really is amazing that crypto has now become a mainstream narrative in financial circuits, and everyday social life. Just the like the start of the internet so many people had a domain or company representing an internet commodity (most of which never even eventuated into a real thing) and we had the internet bubble. (Sound familiar)

    I think we are in that bubble burst with crypto and we will see a lot of (if not most) liquidate, of course the best/innovative ones will win. If XRP becomes the bridge currency of CBDC throughout the world it will basically be like a Google like equivalent in internet comparison for usage if not more.

    I am still not sure how this will affect price, but if “any” of all these crypto’s hold any type of intrinsic value, XRP must surely be top of the tree.


    Just a bit of a ramble, maybe someone should burst my bubble because I am feeling really good about XRP

  2. Apparently the SEC want to redact their expert’s deposition, but not Ripple’s confidential business dealings… honestly they are playing dirty. Would be bad enough normally, but a gov agency should be held to higher standard.


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