Coffeezilla’s video. o My TRX USDD videos w U 4 @Coffeezilla came out with a hot video regarding TRON TRX USDD. This video further confirms what I have been saying all along as this story broke. Please view his full video as WOW the evidence is mounting! The Terra LUNA UST fallout, BINANCE BNB PROBE, BABEL LOCK, THREE ARROWS STOPPAGE, BITBLOX LIMITS and Celsius melt down are costing the globe billions in both the crypto market and the stock markets. The lack of regulation in the crypto industry is leading to so painful situations. Let’s be clear here, what happens to Bitcoin BTC affects the entirety of the crypto market including XLM, XRP, ETH ETC 2022 will have so many big events for Stellar XLM and Ripple XRP.. With ETH and BTC dealing with gas fees, XLM and XRP don’t have the same concern. Luna crypto shiba inu coin terra luna crypto volt inu With DEFI and CBDC being big on the crypto radar this video will fill those needs. Yes, we go deep and organic and bring you the juicy bits related to STELLAR. #Stellar #crypto # xrp #eth #lumens #XLM #finance #trading #btc #XRP #DEFI #CBDC #ripple #scam #scamtoken #litemint #NFT #NFTART #nftart #stellarnft #xrpripple #ripplexrp #crypto #stellar #LumensXLM #altcoin Big thank you to the Reddit community for all the support!

7 thoughts on “🚨TRX TRON USDD EXPOSED🚨”

  1. Great find, dude. I knew nothing of Tron, but this was interesting. I'm subbing to that freind of yours. I'd love to see more videos where people do deep dives into crypto projects and their owners.

  2. Can you do a video on the Flare network? All I hear is hype from them about how awesome their blockchain and tokens are gonna be. Its been over a year since we were suppose to get the Spark token airdrop. Flare is starting to resemble Etherium…a lot of talking but no action. I get suspicous when someone doesn't deliver on what they say.

  3. The usdd is a decentralized, since it goes with the market which means it’s not backed solely by any fiat or crypto. I’m not one for btc or Eth. The reason being is this. Anything that works with value can be used. Now that it’s on the market anyone and everyone is going to take a stab to try to take out Tron foundation. Regardless what you say really doesn’t matter

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