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9 thoughts on “🚨 BITCOIN WOW!!! BIDEN & THE REAL BLACK SWAN EVENT!!!!!!!!!”

  1. "here in my garage witha beautiful view .. but you know what's better than the view? My breakfast"

  2. 1:45 85% of all buys are institutional buys. Very important news if this is true. ❀πŸ’ͺ

  3. Actually the Arizona senator said "Centralized DIGITAL money controlled by central bankers is slavery" ie. CBDC's and not "fiat currencies" as you said, though I understand what you meant to say.

  4. Marhaba Mr. Spot On! Greatly appreciate your analysis and ENTHUSIASM!!! The latter is what makes it so invaluable to see your videos! Shukran!!

  5. the regulation will out in July this year. at that time btc will on its highest price…..news from upper realm 😊

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