🚨🚨DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!! Is Algorand’s $ALGO Worth buying?

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🚨🚨DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!! Is Algorand’s $ALGO Worth buying?

8 thoughts on “🚨🚨DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!! Is Algorand’s $ALGO Worth buying?”

  1. I was wondering if you would ever come back to talking about Algo instead of mining haha

  2. Great <info and insight as always. <The speed of the $20k capitulation surprised me a little, thought it would have taken longer to happen. But knowing the macro narrative (stocks sell-off, QT taking away liquidity, huge players like 3ac dumping), it makes sense. <That being said, I hold my most bearish BTC downside target to be $14k, even if it goes lower, I don't think it would stay lower for any meaningful period of time. <Some people have lost more than 50% of their portfolio because they believe holding and waiting for a major pump is the best way to earn profits in this market, while others who are smart enough trade and take short term profits, I've made over 13' btc trade not on my own but with the help of a professional who have reputable background and understanding of the market Joe Schmitt, I came across him in trading view where he share his charts. People who are open to learning from history, will survive It’s not that difficult. <There might be so many investments out there but if profits must be considered, which is actually the sole aim of every Investment then I’ll advice you to go into crypto trading because it has higher profit returns. You can contact Mr. Joe Schmitt at (ͲeIєɠɾαm.👉Schmittsignal.) for inquiries and financial advice regarding crypto investment for free.

  3. I demo'd Bud Light Hard Soda at Publix last weekend. The first thought I had when I tried it a few days before (my buddy loves the stuff), was that it tasted just like Sunkist. Good stuff! Citrus was pretty good too.

  4. As the water rises ALGO management giggles and laughs – Silvio this Silvio that – The days of living on Silvio pedigree are over! New CEO was wrong choice she is tone deaf to the imminent danger

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